St. Catherine’s Brian Sharp (10) and Aleks Haeuser (33) both attempt to catch a pass from quarterback Da’Shaun Brown during the first half of a WIAA Division 4 second-round playoff game Friday at Kenosha Bradford High School. The Angels advanced to the third round of the playoffs with a 32-14 victory.

Looking for a good pair of shoes? Aleks Haeuser is your man.

Looking for a good pair of hands? Haeuser also fits that job description

The senior receiver for the St. Catherine’s High School football team has been adept at buying and selling shoes, plus catching clutch passes for the Angels. What’s more, he is a respected team leader who has a knack for saying just the right thing at the right time.

“He’s always there pushing us up,” senior receiver Rashid Poole said.

As one of Da’Shaun Brown’s favorite targets this season, Haeuser has caught 22 passes for 504 yards and nine touchdowns. He has a knack for getting open and has developed a strong trust with his quarterback.

But Haueser has a talent for something else and that’s buying and selling shoes. He has studied how to succeed in this little side venture and has earned some nice spending money for his efforts.

“You’ve just got to kind of know when the shoe will go down in price and when the shoe will go up,” Haeuser said. “It’s kind of guessing.”

But just as he has a feel for finding open seams while running pass patterns, he also has a feel for shoes.

His coup de grace? One time, he bought a pair of adidas Yeezy Boost shoes from a friend for $600, wore them for about a year and then sold them for $850.

“My friends were into it (selling shoes), but I was one of the first people at a younger age to it,” said Haeuser, who started in the eighth grade. “I always thought that shoes were the main point of your outfit.”

Haeuser, an aspiring occupational or physical therapist who has a 3.35 grade point average, also has an impressive wardrobe at home. It includes about 10 pairs of dress shoes and an assortment of hoodies and jeans.

“I just think that the better your outfit it, it gives you more confidence,” he said. “It will help with the way you carry yourself and all that stuff. I just think it makes you look good.”

Speaking of looking good, at no time does Haeuser look better than when he pulls on his black No. 33 jersey for the Angels. He has an uncanny ability to show up at opportune times and has been one of the key players for a St. Catherine’s team that is 12-0 and will play Lake Mills Lakeside Lutheran in a WIAA Division 4 state semifinal on Friday night.

He isn’t flashy. But he’s as responsible as anyone else for taking pressure off a potent St. Catherine’s rushing attack at that includes Brown and running backs Isaiah Dodd and Demarion Cobb.

“He’s had some bright moments just making some phenomenal catches,” St. Catherine’s coach Dan Miller said. “I would say he’s got the best hands on the team and, really, he’s very similar to a kid I coached my first year (in 2004) in Kyle Perfetto.

“They would call him ‘Spiderman’ because he would just bring the ball in and then could torque his body to make catches and Aleks does that. He’s made some phenomenal back-shoulder catches and over-the-shoulder catches.”

But what might impress Miller more than anything is the leader Haeuser has become for the Angels.

“He’s got a voice about him where, when he does say something, everybody listens,” Miller said. “I think it’s just because he accepts his role, he understands his place on the team, and he has this air of confidence in him.

“I think he’s a very strong mentally gifted person who is very confident in what he brings to the table.”

Perhaps Haeuser’s finest performance this season came in a 40-28 victory over Racine Lutheran on Sept. 20, when he caught three passes for 111 yards and two touchdowns.

He’s also been a big presence in the Angels’ three playoff games so far with seven catches for 108 yards. Four of his seven catches have gone for touchdowns.

“Running better routes and reading the defense have really helped me,” Haeuser said. “If you watch me in games, I’m pretty good at finding an area where someone isn’t and I’ll just kind of sit there and wait for Da’Shaun to do what he does and throw me the ball. And if not, I’ll just block for him or something like that.”

This is a guy who makes things happen, both with shoes and footballs.

“He’s just a go-getter, I would say,” Poole said. “He’s a great student. a great friend, a great teammate and a kid you just want to have on your team.”

By the way, did Haeuser ever sell Poole a pair of shoes?

You bet.

“We hang out a lot,” Poole said. “He’s always talking about shoes or clothing. He’ll lower his price for you if you really want them or if someone else wants them, he’ll hold them out for you. He’s a great kid.”